onsdag 1 juli 2015

A mix from the garden

Hello everyone! I feel like I'm blogging super early today because it's late afternoon and not evening/night. Maybe you missed me yesterday because I didn't post anything at all but that's because I just got a new computer and it almost took the whole day to set it up properly. Everything is good with it now except from the extremely bad Wi-Fi connection in my room. It's so annoying I can't do anything on the internet because my computer won't connect. So I'm currently blogging in the living room.

It's very warm today and when I was outside in the garden - it's one part of it that's in direct sunlight and the other part is in the shadow of the roof. The problem is that all spiders are in the shadow part and they don't even bother to hide! All the photos I needed to shoot was also in the shadow part and I freaked out and had to go inside three times because the spiders kept walking over my feet and down my legs (I was wearing flip-flops) when I tried to concentrate on the camera. After much effort, here is the photos.