tisdag 5 juli 2016

A (dark) photo of Maja

Hello readers! I took a bunch of photos of Maja today, or this evening rather. She looked very cute but when I viewed the photos on my computer I realized that it had been a bit too dark when I took the photos, because you could basically just see her eyes. When I realized this I thought it might just be better to try and take some more photos of her, but they just turned out yellow because I had to use the indoor lights for it not to get too dark again.

This did not really work out either, and it's a rainy day so the weather is not helping at all either. So I decided to just post one of the original photos instead, this is the best one of all the ones I took and I tried to brighten it up a little when editing, but you can't do much when the photos are so dark. I hope it's okay to not to post the best photos each and every time.

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