torsdag 28 juli 2016


Hello readers! I've mentioned this a few other times, but my summer job is at a local stable/shop and of course there are horses there. Today I spent a little bit of my lunch break walking around in the mares hage, and as you can see from the photos they were very interested in me, having their ears pointed at me the entire time. They were not scared at all, just curious. It was almost a little bit hard to get some good photos of them because they came too close - like you can see a little bit of in the third photo. Either way, they are really adorable and I think the photos of them were cute. If anyone is curious, here is the link to their website: Ale Ridsport

Tomorrow is my last day of work, and on Monday I'm going to Stockholm for five days. That means it is a lot of photos coming up. I will probably not be able to edit and put up all the photos from Stockholm the day I take them, so sometime next week there will probably be another book review and maybe some more horse photos - I have saved some photos for that, just in case - just so you know, but of course I will write more about that in my future posts!

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