lördag 2 juli 2016

Small log

Hello everyone! I slept really long today, I was not out of bed until 10AM and it felt like I did nothing but sleep today. Usually I aim to go up around 8AM and it's really strange because it was just a couple of hours, still it felt like I barely got anything done today. That might be true though, since I basically spent my day on the internet and also did a little bit of reading. But, I guess tomorrow will be better and hopefully I won't wake up so late. And to just mention the photo very shortly: today I took this photo of a small log from an apple tree. In the end I think the photo looks nice, it's a bit different from what I usually post I believe.

I also wanted to tell you about my summer job before I forget about it. I'm going to work at a equestrian shop/business for three weeks, starting the 11th this month. During that time I probably won't post every single day. I know I miss days here and there now as well, but then it probably won't happen. Of course I'm going to post regularly, every other day or so, but I just wanted to notify you in advanced in case you start wondering why I'm not posting.

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