onsdag 20 juli 2016

Decorated mousse

Hello readers! Quite a while ago I mixed some ordinary powder mousse in two flavors, chocolate and lemon i believe. Then I layered them in a nice glass and topped it off with some chocolate and berries. I thought I had already shared the photos with you, because this was almost a month ago, but going back I could not find the post and I never crossed over the little note I made to myself to remember what photos I wanted to put in the post. So here they are, it's just a simple decorated two layer mousse.

I don't think it turned out great, but I guess I can just post it anyway, because if nothing else I do enjoy looking back on my previous posts and see what I did when and so on. So I can admit that some posts - like the one where I graduated - is mostly just for myself to look back on. The photo quality was terrible etc. but that was not the point of the post so it was okay.