måndag 4 juli 2016

More pink roses

Hi everyone! Today I went outside, and for once I actually went beyond my garden too - with about three meters or so. Anyway, the distance is not the point, I went to go and take some photos of these pink roses that I, for a while, have been thinking would make a nice photo. The reason of why I haven't gone and done that is because every single time I went outside to take those photos, someone else went and stood almost right next to the rosebush. So then I didn't want to go. But today was the first time I could go without having other people stand right there, and I think it went pretty good.

Not great focus on the photos, I realized that afterwards but I believe that is because it was a bit windy and the flowers didn't stay still. I didn't want to hold them either because they are roses so they have thorns. But in the end, okay photos I think.

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