torsdag 21 juli 2016


Hi readers! Today I was outside with Sessan, she was enjoying the warm weather and I took some photos of her. She was sitting up, but then she got surprised by a butterfly, rolled around on her back and then she ran away, trying to catch it. You can see it happening in the three photos I decided to post. I took more photos but she was moving around so they turned out rather blurry so I didn't like them.

I'm really trying to blog every day, and I think it's going well. This far I haven't missed any posts, so it's good. I hope you readers think it's good too, even though I know I post on very different times. It's just because sometimes I blog in the evening and other days after work, or between work and dinner etc. Regardless of what time, I do try to post every day and since it's working I think it's all good.

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