onsdag 27 juli 2016

Two year anniversary!

Hello readers! Today is the two year anniversary of my blog. Last year, in my One year anniversary post I recreated the very first photo I uploaded in my first post, Välkommen (Welcome). But this year I felt like I couldn't just do the same thing again. My Hoya Bella - where the flowers are from - isn't blooming either so even if I wanted to I couldn't do it. To be honest I don't have any special photos to share with you. I was thinking about what I could post today, and I decided on a sunset photo.

If you have been following my blog for a longer time, or looked back on my previous posts, you will notice that there is a fair share of sunsets amongst the photos. I love watching the sunset, and I love photographing it. Because of that, I thought I might post a sunset. I also decided to put in a photo of Maja, because she and the other cats have also had a lot of posts dedicated to them over the past years.