fredag 1 juli 2016

Nature (and books)

Hi readers! I was playing Sims and I was just about to close down my computer for the day when I saw a little note I wrote to myself to remind me to blog today. The funny thing is that I, last night, found some photos from this past week that I never posted, wrote the numbers on a note and told myself to make a post about it today. And here I am, doing exactly that...

Last night I also started to read a wonderful book. It's called Gilead and written by Marilynne Robinson. I'm going to post a review of it as soon as I've finished reading it, and hopefully that will be soon. But it is roughly about 300 pages, and I read so incredibly slow when I read English books, so it will probably take a couple of weeks. Today I also ordered four new books, and I'm really excited to read them!

Anyway, today's photos are of Sessan and a potato flower of all things.