fredag 22 juli 2016

Wild flowers

Hi everybody! I found more photos that I never shared because I forgot to. It is because I was going to get rid of all my past little notes with posts that I though I had already done, but on the note for last month I found another post. The previous post with the dessert was also from last month, and so is this. I guess it doesn't matter at all that these photos were taken last month either, because it is not like the photos have turned old or anything.

Moving on to the actual photos then. This is a bouquet made with wild flowers that my mum made to midsummer. When I took these photos I was playing around with where I had my focus and so on, but I'm not that good so the photos are a bit messy. Or at least some of them are, because then the sharp thing was not far away enough from the background so it didn't look great. But it can only get better, and some photos were good so it's alright.