tisdag 28 juni 2016

A rose

Hi readers! Today I wanted to share this photo of a rose I just took. I was in the garden, looking for some flowers to take photos of and then I saw this rose. It was a little bit too dark, especially because I had to aim the camera towards the ground - where the rose was. But I believe the photo turned out good in the end. I did take more than one photo, probably around twelve or something like that, but this was the only one where the lighting was good enough.

Another thing I also really wanted to do today is to blog, it might seem strange but the whole idea I have - at least at the moment, it might change - is that I rather write a little post with a few photos every day rather than a post every two or three days with more photos. I just think it is a bit more fun, to update a little everyday. I am also really trying to blog everyday, and it's getting better!

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