fredag 24 juni 2016


Good evening readers! Today is the Swedish holiday midsummer. It usually rain to some degree, but today has been surprisingly nice for once. Last year I was just recovering from eating something very bad, but this year everything was good. I did write a little bit about midsummer in last years midsummer post. So if you are interested, you can click the link above and read the second paragraph (the post will open in a new tab).

Last year I just posted some photos of the cake, but this year I changed it a little to make it more interesting. First of all, I was playing around with shapes in photos and I found it interesting to put a round bouquet in a square tile. The flower arrangement in the photo is also made by my mum for midsummer, so it goes together. The second photo is this years cake. I love, love, love the strawberry cake my mum makes for midsummer. It's my favorite cake of all cakes and it's so delicious.

Anyway, back to the photos. The third photo is just Maja laying outside and having a good time. She was just laying there, napping, looking at people in their gardens, eating some and hunting flies. I thought she looked cute just being relaxed and all. And that pretty much sums up this years midsummer! :)