söndag 19 juni 2016


Hello readers! I can agree that it is a bit ironic that I missed one day of blogging the day right after I said I probably would start blogging every day. But, I'm here right now and I'm hopefully not going to forget about blogging too often in the near future. Yesterday I did actually remember, but then it was already too late so the post would have come technically today instead, so I didn't bother.

Today's photos are of Tigra. I feel like it was a while since there was any post about the cats, and I don't often post photos of Tigra in general. She is quite shy and also loves the outdoors so much, she is the one who is home the least. But today the weather was bad, it was cold and windy, so none of the cats spent much time outside. These photos I took of Tigra when she just went back to sleep after having a bit of food.

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