fredag 17 juni 2016

Green leaves and rain

Hi everybody! Yes, I've blogged three days in a row now. Originally it was because I missed one day, but it does feel like a good time to start posting everyday, just like last summer. Now when I'm not in school I do have much more time to put into going out and taking photos, editing etc. But I do want to warn you a little bit, I might miss some days here and there so don't get alarmed if that happens. I'm also going to - starting with my next review - not only review fiction but all kinds of books. And of course, you are still welcome to suggest any book you want me to read by sending an email.

I took these photos yesterday, but I really wanted to post my bread recipe so I decided that these ones could wait a day. It had just rained a little and when I went outside I saw the raindrops on these green leaves and took a photo of it. Nothing more complicated than that.