söndag 26 juni 2016

Video: Short time laps

Hello readers! Yesterday evening I set up camera and film for about 40min before my camera battery runs out. Then I have the idea that I'm going to be able to speed up the footage to around 3min and then post the video the same evening. This all happened around eleven in the evening and I pretty soon realized that it was not going to happen at all. In the end I uploaded it today and it took about 1h to upload every 10min of footage. I did something wrong the first time too, so the whole file was unusable so I had to do the whole thing twice.

Now I realize that I didn't have anywhere close to realistic expectations yesterday, but the video is up today and I found a good piece of music that goes well with the length of the video (Gymnopédie no. 1). So everything is well and good now! Here is the video :)