tisdag 21 juni 2016

Being forgetful...

Hello everybody! I don't know why I'm suddenly so forgetful. Every time I say I will blog every day I forget about it the very next day. It's so annoying, but now I've made a notification on my phone so hopefully I won't just forget about blogging anymore. Blogging every day is something I really would like to do, but I just keep forgetting about it. I almost forget about blogging today as well. I don't know why, but I just think that I've already done it - and I clearly haven't - and that's it.

Anyway, today's very quick photo is just one of Maja that I took today. She was watching people walking past outside of our house and I left the door a little bit open so that she could stay inside - I believe it was too cold outside - and still watch all the interesting things that happened outside. She only looked at me when I called her name, and that was only for a second, so she was obviously very buzzy looking at the people that walked past.