onsdag 8 juni 2016

White peonies

Hi everybody! Tomorrow my summer vacation starts after a few hours in school before noon. I'm very excited and even though I don't usually make posts about my actual life - because I'm not a lifestyle blogger - I think that I'm probably going to make such a post tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow if I don't find time to do it right away. A lot of you have, surprisingly enough, been asking for me to more posts like that. It's probably my most read and requested kind of post after the book reviews. I'm happy for your feedback, so now a bunch of you finally get what you've been asking for, and I hope you will enjoy it.

Moving on to talking a little bit about today's photos. They are of my mum's peonies and the just started blooming. I took some photos of them yesterday I believe, but it was very sunny and that gave the photos a "sharp" look. As you might already know I don't really like the sharp look direct sunlight gives, but I think they turned out pretty good anyway.

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