fredag 10 juni 2016

Graduated 9th grade!

Hello readers! Yesterday I graduated what I - after doing some research on Google (very scientific and all...) - believe in the US is considered 10th grade, and since many of my readers are from North America I thought it might be a good idea to write out what American school system grade I'm graduating from. In Sweden it's called 9th grade and that's why it's in the title, but it's basically the year when you are 15-16 years old. It is also the last obligatory year of school in Sweden. (But I am going to continue school for quite a bit longer than this!)

I just wanted to make a post about it really, because it's a little special, like finishing high school I think(?). Anyway, I spent yesterday with my friends, we had a ceremony at school, went home for some hours and met up again in the evening and then we went out to a restaurant and ended at my home. My mum got me flowers and of course I had to put in a photo of them here too.

The quality of some of the photos of my and my friends are really bad, I know, but my phone is sort of broken and it won't let me e-mail or transfer photos from my phone to my computer in any way I've tried, so I took screenshots but that lowered the quality. If I manage to get the photos out from my phone, I'll post them in better quality.

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