lördag 4 juni 2016

Update post...

Hello readers! As you have probably already noticed, I don't really post every other day. Barely every week, and it's because interests go up and down, and right now I'm not really feeling like blogging. My interest for that is quite low at the moment. So that is that, now you know the reason of my absence. But my interest is coming back, but as I just said, it's going up and down.

I'm going to have summer vacation soon, the 9th this month. I also want to start blogging every day, even though I feel like it would be good to not take week long breaks first. I've also gotten tons of books from the library, and I'm hoping to read all of them this summer! Reading is the only thing I feel like doing right now, so I'm just going to read :) And to explain the photo of Sessan, it's very warm here lately, around 30°C, and that makes the cats very sleepy.