söndag 12 juni 2016

More photos from Thursday

Hello everybody! I was looking through my photos from this Thursday and I realized that I had taken a lot more photos of the flower bouquet my mum gave me, and some of those photos was really worth showing you, I thought. So that is why today's post is of my flowers that I've already posted one photo of.

Upon looking through the photos, I also found this photo my mum had taken of me when I was holding Sessan. I am laughing because Sessan can never get enough attention and she is always going around your feet, but the moment you pick her up she just want to be left alone. It's a bit silly, and she looked so miserable when I picked her up, and I only hold her for about ten seconds before she escaped. So there's that. I'm planning another book review, probably coming up very soon, in case you are wondering.

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