söndag 26 juli 2015

Almost a year

Hello everyone! Tomorrow I've been posting to this blog for a whole year. That's really crazy. I hadn't been thinking too much about the blog being one year because I thought I started the 30th July, so when my phone vibrated and the note said that my blog was I year old tomorrow I got a little panic. For my 100th post I went to a circus and shoot photos, so what should I do for the blog's birthday? My first thought was to just blog as usually and pretend like nothing happened, but that would have turned out a bit boring. Finally I came up with a - in my opinion - good idea that I will show all of you tomorrow.

Today was very rainy and cold so I didn't want to go outside and the thing for tomorrow took a bit of time. Because of that I'm just going to go ahead and post some photos that gives a tiny hint about what tomorrow's post is going to be about. I don't want to give anything away so it's just two photos, so stay tuned! :)