torsdag 23 juli 2015

Tigra and Sessan

Hello everybody! It feels like ages ago since Tigra or Sessan where to be seen in any post, so it's there time today. I know that a lot of posts have photos of Maja in them... my instagram also has a lot of photos of her. She is probably the cat I have most photos of. I never really thought about that until today when I was thinking about making another post with Maja and then realizing that Tigra and Sessan barley have been in any posts this month.

Tigra is sleeping on a pillow I made, it's laying on the floor under my radiator and next to my rubbish bin. Because of the rubbish bin I wasn't able to get any nice photos of her except for these ones. I used other angles too but then I couldn't crop out the bin so it was just not very many photos this time. And Sessan was just sleeping :)