tisdag 14 juli 2015


Hello readers! Daylilies, only lasting one day and then gone. To be honest I didn't even know this flowers existed in the garden until today. Since I'm not a fan of the sharp sunlight and warmth of the day I always go outside in the late evening. At that time, the daylilies have already bloomed out. But today I actually went outside during daytime, it was cloudy today so the lighting wasn't that bad, and I got some photos of the daylilies.

I'm currently writing the next part in "Photo tips" and that is expected to be done some time during next week. I'm also going to post a book review this weekend, probably Sunday. My goal is to publish two book reviews and one photo tips a month, but something tells me that goal is going to be a bit more challenging when I start school again in mid August. But for now on I feel like it's going well, I have some things planned and also working on a new layout! :)