torsdag 9 juli 2015

The Issapixlat logo!

Good evening everybody! It's late, I know, but I've spent this whole day and some few hours during this week to complete my own logo that I can use on my photos. Some people get really annoyed and bored, they really don't enjoy the little designing part and just pay someone to do it for them but I like it very much. This logo was made in Gimp 2.8 and yes, it took some time but I didn't only make this one, I think I made around a dozen unfinished before I figured out exactly how I wanted it to look.

You might remember that when I started this blog I used to write my name and a copyright symbol on all of my photos. I stopped doing that because it was annoying and I'm just too lazy to do it but now I have made this logo that I put into Gimp as a brush so from now on it's going to be on all photos! :) The logo have a transparent background, but it'll look white here.