måndag 20 juli 2015

American lemon pie

Hi everybody! Some time ago I made an American lemon pie with lemon curd and meringue and today I made another one. This time I accidentally had double the amount of sugar you where supposed to have in the meringue. In order to fix it I put in more egg whites and it just turned out to be twice the amount of meringue I needed in order to make one pie. So maybe you will see something else that's been made with meringue some time soon?

Maja is so sweet, she is sleeping right next to me and every time I try to move away a little bit - because she is so warm! - she just moves closer to me. I am now stuck in a corner with nothing to do other than stay warm of wake her up. I guess I'm staying warm then... Anyway, I hope you liked my book review because I sure loved reading that book. Photo tips is going to be posted tomorrow and this part is about how to get the lighting perfect :)