onsdag 29 juli 2015

Maja being cute

Hi everybody! I got lenses today and it's hurting behind my eyes and in my head. Even if it's all normal I don't really feel like spending so much time on taking any photos today. Mostly I just want to sit down with my eyes closed because that makes it feel better. I also poked myself in the eye numerous times trying to get my lenses in and out so there's that too.

I had these photos of Maja just laying around, she was sitting under the table outside and looking cute. Everything she does is cute in my opinion but when she intensively stares at people like in the first photo people (who doesn't have experience with cats) tend to be scared of her. I just find it so funny. She never look at me like that unless she want something and in this photo I was eating something she wanted me to share with her I believe :)