söndag 12 juli 2015

Maja in the garden

Hi there! Maja and the other cats usually aren't outside over the night, they use to come home in the evening. I always take my photos in the later evening, most of the time the cats are already inside for the night. If they are outside it's not very common that they stick around the house, so I mostly don't see them outside very much. But today when I looked out I saw Maja sitting in the grass, looking at birds. It's very nice lighting otusdie today too, it's cloudy and the sun is almost down. Pearsonally I think the photos turned out very good, and I'm probably going to show you more of them in a later post! :)

I was hoping to put together another book review soon, but today I spent all day trying to get familiar with HTML 5 and catching up on Supernatural. Maybe that review is going to be a little bit later than I expected... I'm also working on improving my layout - with the help from HTML 5 - but there is going to be a review up, I just can't say when.