lördag 25 juli 2015

Late evening photos

Hello readers! I always blog late, especially now during summertime. Still, I really try to take my photos while it's still daylight outside. Yesterday I was having a bad headache and I just wanted to lay down in bed with my cat. When it started to get a little darker I felt better so I went outside and just took some very random photos. The plan was to post the sponsored one today and today's post yesterday - does that make sense? But I just couldn't stand picking out the best ones, editing the photos and so on. The advert post was already done because I always do 'special' posts like photo tips, review etc, some days before I post them.

I'm also getting really active on instagram! I post a new photo almost every day. Sometimes I think about posting more than once a day, photos that isn't related to any blogpost. I might start doing that next week or so - I just have to make up my mind about what those other things could be - you will probably notice :)