tisdag 7 juli 2015

Tuesday cat fail!

Hi everyone! I checked my camera just a moment ago and it was so low on battery that it just turned of by itself. Of course I still wanted to post something so I decided to post about Maja, because I have a lot of photos of her that I never seems to be able to throw away. She does this thing where she always moves a little in the photo, making it blurry. This is like a fail Friday post I guess but it's not Friday, it's a Tuesday... :) Even if she's sleeping she always wake up when she hear the click my camera makes when it adjusts the auto focus. It's really annoying and I have to take a lot of photos in order to get a few in focus.

These are completely unedited, I didn't even bother to crop them. I only found one on the other cats, Tigra, so I threw that into the bunch as well. Hopefully you'll think it's a bit funny, I think it's very funny and I laughed a bit while looking through these photos :)