lördag 4 juli 2015

Sunset gif fail

Hello everyone! Last evening/night I spent three hours taking roughly 100-80 photos of the sunset. I've watched a lot of beautiful time laps lately and I wanted to make my own. The kind of time laps I've seen have all been filmed and then speed up but I don't have that much storage on my SD card so I went with the more time consuming process of taking a photo ever 2-5 minutes.

I've now tried making this gif for about two hours and it seems like I have to shrink all the photos before I put them together... it's really annoying and I didn't want to do it so I just cropped part of the gif out. It doesn't look good, but it's something. Look at the fail and come back tomorrow when I have a proper post up. I'm really annoyed right now and I'm probably going to be annoyed until I've shrunk all the photos and made a proper gif of it but that's going to take time.