tisdag 28 juli 2015


Hi there! As I mentioned the other day the weather is bad and boring. It's not very warm, it rains all the time and I don't want to go outside to take any photos. I really don't want to get my camera wet nor do I want to get myself wet either. Today I did go outside anyway and luckily I didn't get wet. There is a roof over the patio and that sheltered me.

When I was outside today I thought of the post from yesterday. I know that I previously tried to take photos of the rain but that failed because I didn't know how to use or change my shutter. If you read my latest photo tips I tell you how a high shutter freezes the photo faster than a low shutter. A year ago I had no idea about that, just look at the first photo. It's from a post I made last year and the other photos is from today.